Blackstone Boycott News

RF Working Group Member Carmi Parker recently posted the Blackstone Boycott News of the Week:

A new media mention for the Blackstone boycott

The online news site Digital Trends called this week to talk about the Blackstone boycott as part of a larger article on publisher restrictions. It’s a great read, covering several different aspects of the impact that embargoes have.

ALA takes action!

As you probably know [and as posted on RF], ALA has launched a petition for libraries to share with the public, asking specifically that Macmillan drop its embargo. If you want to post to your library’s social media and invite your patrons to sign, you can find suggested text (with all the hashtags) here. I asked ALA a question about the petition and learned that it is one step in a larger strategy, so it will be interesting to see how this develops.

Thanks, Carmi, for your continued attention to the boycott and for citing Jenny McGrath’s Digital Trends post, which gives a fine overview of recent developments. It is a great read, and, yes, it will be interesting to see how the ALA campaign develops.