Steve Potash of OverDrive Comments on Macmillan

Steve Potash, CEO of OverDrive, has commented thoughtfully on Macmillan’s recent e-book decision.

Various members of the ReadersFirst Working Group have sometimes disagreed respectfully with some of OverDrive’s decisions. In this case, Mr. Potash, we thank you for your well-supported and thoughtful response to Macmillan's recent announcement on library e-books. Mr. Sargent of Macmillan has, as you point out, rightfully ignored one of the prime reasons why his company survives: the support of libraries helping readers discover Macmillan authors. We hope for unified action on the part of libraries to bring Macmillan's false claims to the attention of the public, using your examples as one of the many reasons why Sargent's decision is bad for libraries, bad for readers, and bad ultimately for writers.

Mr. Potash’s post is well-worth reading and sharing!