ALA Council Passes a Resolution on Digital Content Action

As noted in Publisher’s Weekly, in the wake of two more publishers changing their licensing models, the American Library Association Council has passed a resolution calling for action.

Now, therefore, be it Resolved that the American Library Association (ALA), on behalf of its members:

1) Creates a joint working group of representatives from ALA, ULC, ASGCLA, COSLA and other members to be determined to address library concerns with publishers and content providers specifically:

a. To develop a variety of digital content license models that will allow libraries to provide content more effectively, allowing options to choose between one-at-a-time, metered, and other options to be made at point of sale;

b. To make all content available in print and for which digital variants have been created to make the digital content equally available to libraries without moratorium or embargo;

c. To explore all fair options for delivering content digitally in libraries;

d. To urge Congress to explore digital content pricing and licensing models to ensure democratic access to information'

2) Develops an advocacy and public awareness campaign to provide accurate information about the true value of library purchasing of books to publishers.

Passing a resolution is a long way from realizing action, of course, but ReadersFirst hopes this may be a start for librarians to join together to speak with a collective (and so louder) voice. We pledge our support to the effort and to all who answer the call for action.

[Full disclosure: the original draft of the resolution was prepared some on months ago by the ReadersFirst Working Group. It was subsequently greatly improved by Deirdre Brennan of RAILS and moved forward by Michael Golrick of ASGCLA).