Onwards and Upwards at the Internet Archive Open Libraries Project

The Internet Archive's Open Libraries project was one of 8 semifinalists for the $100 million MacArthur Grant.  Unfortunately, the project was not selected to move into the Final Four.  No project related to IT advanced. The education of children displaced by conflict or improving infant survival in Africa certainly represent formidable competition

The good news is that the project will still happen. "This experience showed that we have a good idea worth doing," said Internet Archive Founder Brewster Kahle in an email. Brewster and Internet Archive Director of Partnerships Wendy Hanamura are taking steps to find other funding and have funding on hand to continue work. "The Internet Archive will be moving forward toward Open Libraries in the months and years to come," says Ms. Hanamura.

Internet Archive friends and partners are invited to a  forum to explore the next steps. 

"We will be forming working groups to shape the plans for a sustainable, collaborative digitize-and-lend service.  Our Legal Working Group will be presenting a statement outlining the legal framework supporting this work," Ms. Hanamura adds.

Please register at www.libraryleadersforum.org

ReadersFirst salutes Internet Archive for the great achievement of finishing in such high contention and even more for continuing this worthy project. We encourage libraries to get involved for the greater good for access to and preservation of library materials.

 Onwards and Upwards!