A Statewide E-book platform and More: eGO and schoolbooks too

The Connecticut State Library has announced the first phase of their developing state-wide e-book platform. Called eGO, the app is based upon the Library Simplified app--specifically, the brandable iOS/Android compatible version called SimplyE developed by NYPL, about which we at RF have often posted news.

"Funding for this project was allotted by the State Bond Commission late last year.  The funds were appropriated by the General Assembly in response to a report by the Department of Consumer Protection which recommended, in light of the high cost libraries pay for eBooks, that the state develop its own eBook Platform.  Libraries often have several eBook platforms in order to provide a range of titles . The eGO app will bring all of the library’s eBooks into one easy-to-use eBook reader.  eBooks available from the developing statewide collection will also be included, eliminating the need to search multiple locations and have multiple eBook apps. There are many different library management systems in Connecticut and the app will be customized for each system in phases."

In addition, Connecticut will in the future deploy the Open eBooks app: "Through its partnership with NYPL and as part of the Open eBooks project, thousands of popular and award-winning titles will be available free for children from in-need households in Connecticut."

Said George Christian, Executive Director of Library Connection, Inc. [a consortium of 30 academic and pubic libraries in CT]  “ We believe this app will give patrons of our libraries an easy way to simultaneously discover all the eBooks that are available to them from our consortium’s shared collection, from the State Library’s One Click Digital collection, and from the collections at their home libraries that are restricted to their own patrons.”

Amen, Mr. Christian, and good luck to Connecticut. We hope this revolutionary app and platform spreads across the county.