A New Business Model at Bibliotheca/3M

A press release from Bibliotheca (now proprietors of the cloud service formerly named 3M) explains that they are adopting a pay-per-use model that will allow "libraries to offer a much more diverse collection of material with practically no risk." Moreover, "At BookExpo America, bibliotheca will meet with key publishers to continue securing content for the model. Several great publishers are already on-board, including Blackstone Audio and Hachette Audio. Working diligently with eAudiobook partner Findaway, bibliotheca expects to offer a wide range of eAudiobooks and eBooks under the new pay-per-use model."

While we aren't getting too excited over a mere press release, RF is pleased to see another vendor presenting an alternative business model for the benefit of libraries. We wish the company luck and look forward to seeing what they develop.