The eBook Super Friends

Yes, the name sounds like a new comic, but the group is real and ready to make a difference in library eBook Services. Initiated by LJ Mover & Shaker Veronda Pitchford, the eBook Super Friends present "A meta-opportunity to share information across eBook projects" (thanks to notes from Amy Hitchner, the source of all quotations herein). The group hopes to accomplish the following:

  • "Facilitate idea and resource sharing on a national level about eBook and eResource projects.

  • Provide a bigger picture direction as a reference for smaller libraries."

Attending the initial meeting were the following super friends, many of them ReadersFirst members. This group--all of them surely members of any "Who's Who" list of digital content providers--and the organizations they represent will be a powerful voice for library eBook advocacy. They will focus on eBooks first but may extend their concerns to many other digital media. 

  • Amy Hitchner, Colorado State Library

  • Andrew Medlar, Chicago Public Library

  • Christine Peterson, Amigos Library Services

  • Kelvin Watson, Queens Library

  • Maura Marx, IMLS

  • Micah May, NYPL & ReadsersFirst

  • Michael Colford, Boston Public Library

  • Michelle Bickert, DPLA

  • Paula MacKinnon, Califa

  • Regan Harper, Colorado State Library

  • Toby Greenwalt, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

  • Veronda Pitchford, RAILS

  • Wendy Cornelisen, Georgia Public Library Service

Expect outreach, resource sharing, and advocacy in the future, with more news to follow from this week's DPLAFest. 

ReadersFirst supports this group and pledges to support their efforts, share their advocacy, and join our voices to theirs for the good of libraries and library readers.