Buyers Guide

The ReadersFirst Working Group is putting together the second edition of the Buyers Guide to help librarians in assessing the major library e-book distributors' platforms and their adoption of ReadersFirst principles and API requirements. 

It will take us some time but check out the first edition below.

Click to get the ReadersFirst Guide to Library E-Book Vendors  - Giving librarians the knowledge to be more effective e-book providers




New Website
Michael Blackwell, St. Mary's County Library
James English, New York Public Library
Anna Fahey-Flynn, Boston Public Library

Check out our new digs....  More to come. If there are improvements, 
recommendations, or content contributions let us know!  

Member Communication Plan and Survey
Sarah Beasley, Carnegie Library  
Michael May, New York Public Library

As you can see, we are a global community and growing as a movement.  We want to hear from more libraries so we will be reaching out to your library soon!  If you or your library is a social media darling we could sure use your help!  Currently we are working on an outreach campaign.  If you are an existing member we need your help to get the word out. 


Photo by alexaldo/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by alexaldo/iStock / Getty Images


Standards and Specifications
Jim Loter, Seattle Public Library


Overdrive New Patron Registration
Michael Blackwell, St. Mary's County Library
Arlington Public Library