"Panorama Picks" Details Picks for Local Booksellers

The Panorama Project is releasing regional lists intending “to help libraries and booksellers work together more effectively to better serve active readers in their communities, while helping publishers and authors identify regional marketing opportunities for titles (and authors) that have moved beyond their initial marketing windows.”

The “lists are generated using aggregated, anonymized U.S. public library ebook demand data provided by OverDrive and the following process:

  • 3 categories—Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, YA Fiction & Nonfiction

  • 9 regions—8 aligned with ABA regional associations, plus Hawaii

  • 25 titles published in the last 12-24 months that are available in print to libraries and booksellers—trade and self-published

  • Filtered to limit known bestsellers, book club selections, other heavily promoted titles, etc.”

Any work in which libraries might benefit booksellers, and so authors, is worthy of note. Let us hope for more cooperation for the benefit of readers.