Hamilton Public Library Joins the Open Libraries

The Internet Archive has announced that the Hamilton Public Library has joined their Open Libraries project.

“In today’s rapidly changing access to digital content, it is important that the broader library community works together to build lasting and growing collections of digital content for our customers and communities,” said Paul Takala, Chief Librarian and CEO of Hamilton Public Library. “The Internet Archive has developed a responsible and balanced controlled digital lending (CDL) model. I look forward to a future where all the unique titles we have in our collection – many of which are out of print – can be shared with researchers and learners everywhere. With the Internet Archive’s Open Libraries program, this future is now possible. I encourage all libraries to join this important effort.”

With CDL having recently been challenged by The Author’s Guild and some publishers, it is encouraging to see another large library support a practice that allows library readers to experience titles to which they may not otherwise have digital access. The ReadersFirst Working Group believes that CDL can be fairly applied without disadvantaging authors and publishers and thanks Hamilton Public Library for its stand.