Another Exciting E-Book Initiative

This just in from Open Libraries:

We invite you to ASK US ANYTHING--on June 15 from 10-11:30 a.m. PT via YouTubeLive--about Open Libraries, our project to bring 4 million free digital books to learners, libraries and the print disabled. We are 1 of 8 semifinalists for #100andChange--MacArthur's competition to tackle one of the world's big problems.

Help us think big! We will answer your questions, invite your ideas, and share how you or your library can become a Open Libraries partner.

Email us your questions at, tweet them with the #OpenLibrariesAMA or leave a comment in our blog:…/ama-about-openlibraries-our-prop…/

Then tune in to hear your comments and have your questions answered at our:

Live Chat via YouTube Live, Thursday, June 15 from 10-11:30 a.m. PT

Watch at


Brewster Kahle, Founder and Digital Librarian

Wendy Hanamura, Director of Partnerships

John Gonzalez, Director of Engineering